Jan Moore

City Council
Title: Council Member Place 3
Jan Moore

Current Term:  2021-2023

Jan Moore is a wife of almost 50 years, mother of 6, grandmother of 14, and servant to two dogs and a cat. She also is a homeowner and concerned citizen of Aransas Pass. She loves to cook, fish, read, and spend time with her family.

Jan considered retirement and moved to Islamorada, Florida in 1992 where she managed the historic Islamorada Fishing Club for 10 years. During that time she founded a series of both off-shore and back-country fishing tournaments that still continue to this day.

In 2000, Jan was elected as one of the directors of the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce; in 2002 she relocated to Tampa and was the owner of Saltwater Innovations and Promotions.

In 2011, when the opportunity to move to Texas was presented, she loved the idea and challenge of working with her husband Mike to build, run, and market Redfish Bay Boathouse & Redfish Willie’s Waterfront Grill.

2015- Jan and Mike founded the non-profit organization The Spirit of Aransas Pass, in which the mission is to actively serve the people within Aransas Pass and its surrounding communities by providing funds and services that contribute to the health, welfare and vitality of the community. To date, The Spirit of Aransas Pass has donated approximately $125,000.00 into the local community.

She also is the co-founder of Vets Fishing with Vets, which had been a dream of hers for several years. She is honored and humbled by the response the event has received over the years, and believes every Veteran should be honored and thanked for their service to our great country.

In May of 2017 she was elected to the Aransas Pass City Council and in 4 short years has many accomplishments including residing on committees that have implemented the city’s first comprehensive city-wide drainage study, balanced an obtainable budget, implemented the first wetland ordinance, had close to 200 inhabitable homes and businesses rebuilt, in addition to a new fishing pier, boat ramp, and several new roads. These decisions bring homes and businesses that will contribute tax dollars to Aransas Pass.

Jan consistently represents the citizens of Aransas Pass with knowledge, experience, and leadership.


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