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In striving for public service excellence, the Ed and Hazel Richmond Public Library is a welcoming community center whose staff, resources, programs, and services provide for the needs of our diverse community.

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Adult Fiction

  • The Witch Elm – Tana French
  • Day of the Dead – Nicci French
  • The Reckoning – John Grisham
  • Vendetta – Iris Johansen
  • Ambush – James Patterson
  • A Sparkle of Light – Jodi Picoult
  • Holy Ghost – John Sandford

Junior Fiction

  • Young Scrooge – R.L. Stine
  • Jubilee -Patricia Reilly Giff
  • Goldie Blox and the Three Dales – John Stacy McAnulty

Featured Author of the Month

Tana French & Nicci Gerrard 

Tana French (born 1973) is an American-Irish writer and theatrical actress born in Vermont. Her debut novel In the Woods (2007), a psychological mystery, won the Edgar Anthony, Macavity, and Barry awards for best first novel. She lives in Dublin. The British online newspaper, The Independent, has referred to her as the First Lady of Irish Crime, "who very quietly has become a huge international name a French was enthralled by both acting and writing since her childhood days but eventually focused more on acting.

Nicci French is the pseudonym of English husband-and-wife team Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, who write psychological thrillers together.

Nicci Gerrard was born on 10 June 1958. She grew up in Worcestershire, together with her two sisters and her brother. She was educated at The Alice Ottley School in Worcester. She then studied English literature at Oxford University and then an MPhil at Sheffield University in 1986. She went on to teach literature in Los Angeles and London. She founded a women's magazine before becoming a freelance journalist. Following the failure of this first marriage, she met Sean French whilst working as editor for the New Statesman where French wrote a weekly column, but left when she was offered another job at The Observer.

Sean French was born on 28 May 1959 in Bristol, the son of Philip French,[3] a radio producer and film critic. He was, like his two younger brothers Patrick and Karl, educated at William Ellis secondary school in north London before studying English literature at Oxford University. The couple never met while there. While at Oxford University, French won a young writers contest organised by Vogue, and subsequently became a journalist.


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