Library Board


The Library Board shall consist of 7 members appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council. The mayor and the city councilmen shall be ex-officio members of the City Library Board but shall have no vote.


The duties of the Library Board include: authorized and directed to appoint a librarian and to make such rules and regulations as it deems advisable and necessary for the operation and maintenance of the public library; prepare a report to the city council showing a statement of all sums of money received, disbursements, and a statement briefly outlining the operation of the library and its condition; and recommend to the city council the probable amount of money necessary to operate the public library and such recommendation shall be made at such time as may be required by the budgetary officer.


Terms shall be three-year terms. Two shall serve for a one year, three shall serve for a term of two years, and three shall serve for a term of three years. The mayor shall designate the chairman of the board who shall serve at the will of the mayor. At the first meeting of the board, a vice-chairman shall be elected by the board from its members who shall serve for a two-year term; thereafter, a vice-chairman shall be elected every two years by the members of the board.


Section 16-2, City Code of Ordinances; Ord. 2014-4075, 8/4/14;


The board meets 3rd Thursday of every month at 9:00 am at Library Office.

Member NameTerm Expiration DateAppointed Date
Anita Kirkland, Chair02-202206-2010
Cammie Hyatt02-202306-2022
Helen Aylott02-202303-2005
Marsha Wellman02-202205-2003
Juanita Davidson02-202208-2019
Debra Kullman02-202302-2001
Mary Smith Kegler02-202302-2017
Ruth Maddox (Honorary Member)